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Licensing Options

The Bit Space curriculum can be licensed to an individual teacher, or to an entire school. Each license lasts for 1 to 2 years, as indicated, and includes basic site support.

Contact us to purchase a license or to inquire about district or enterprise purchases.


1 Year
2 Years
1 Year
2 Years
Early Bird Pricing
Purchase before 6/15/19
$125 $200 $2,500 $4,000
Regular Price
Purchase after 6/15/19
$250 $400 $5,000 $8,000


The following curriculum supports are available for a la carte purchasing.

“Helpline” AssistanceIndividual ConsultingProfessional Development
Basic site support is included at no cost but this add-on will allow you to schedule short calls for more in-depth support (phone, webchat, or video calls such as Google Hangouts or Skype).Hourly fee for more comprehensive one-on-one support.Half- or full-day offerings at Bit Space or your school site
Helpline assistance is limited to tips, instruction, simple advice.

It does not include curriculum alignment or equipment maintenance.
Individual consulting inlcudes more in-depth curriculum advice, alignment assistance.

It does not include new/personalized curriculum development or equipment maintenance.
Choose from our catalog of PD offerings related to the curriculum’s seven territories.

Add-On Pricing

Helpline Assistance Pricing 1 Year 2 Years
School License $250 $400
Number of 15 minute calls 12 24
Teacher License $100 $160
Number of 15-minute calls 6 12
Individual Consultation Pricing
$125 per hour

Professional Development Pricing
At Bit Space At Your School*
Total Per Person For up to 5 people For 6-10 people For 11-20 people For 21-35 people
Full Day
6 hours
$275 $1,250 $1,950 $2,450 $2,950
Half Day
3 hours
$175 $750 $1,150 $1,450 $1,750

*PD At Your School: Additional fees may be incurred for travel over 25 miles from Bit Space.

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